Bush Plump


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Artist : Poly Ngale 

Size : 126 X 96 cm 

DOB : 1940 

Born : Utopia N.T 

Story : Polly is one of the senior custodians of her country Aparra in the middle of Utopia. polly mainly  paints the Bush Plum and its bright yellow seeds . This dreamtime story is shared with her sister Kathleen Ngale and Angeline Pwerle Ngale , like Polly Kathleen and Angeline create there painting by building up layers on layers of colour to create these amazing images.

Pollys work comes from the her extensive knowledge of country personal history and dreamtime stories stories past down by her ancestors. Her work has been displayed at the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island award since 2003 . her work is exhibited both Australia and overseas.


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