About us.


Altair is a continuation of the aboriginal family owned business Koorie Connections Altair established in 1994by owners Julie and Les Peers.

Son Daniel is now continuing the family business at the Wyndham Harbour.

 Now called Altair, it is still proudly an indigenous owned art gallery working on fair trade basis, supporting aboriginal artists and their communities.


Our goal 

 To establish Altair as a centre of opportunity in the west that provides a world class facility for all aboriginal community groups throughout Victoria to exhibit their art – painting, carvings, photography, pottery etc.

We are seeking artists from all walks of life to support by giving them a safe and friendly place to showcase their work for the world to see.

We know how hard it can be for artists to feel comfortable in galleries and feel that they are getting a fair deal. That is where we are different.

Our main prepose is to supply a safe, friendly, fair trade aboriginal owned and run art gallery for the community